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Fabrizio Rocca

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When I was three years old, I became passionate about electricity and everything that emits light or sound. At five years the passion shifted to electronics. Finally at the age of eight, my two greatest passions arrived: IT and the world of Technology.

At the age of 12 I opened my first website (fabriziorocca.altervista.org) and I began to fiddle with languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, studying them and analyzing the source codes of other websites.

In 2009 I registered fabriziorocca.it, website that would grow slowly and without success (receiving an average of 5 visits per day). In February 2016 I deleted that and completely rewrote it. From that moment I will work hard on the site, giving it a nice layout, paying a lot of attention to the graphic aspects and writing only quality content.

Besides IT and technology, I love reading, travelling, working out and long bike rides.


Marco Pakler

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Majoring in Business Administration and Management with a passion for technology and innovation. I love finding out about technical aspects and the implications that they have on society and people.

I have been using OS X since 2011, but I have never left Windows. Whilst on my mobile I use Android and iOS on my iPad.

In June 2016 I registered the domain pakler.it, I never went on to make it fully operational but I used it as a base to approach the back office of the web.